Business in young hands

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Entrepreneurship young Poles


Some argue that entrepreneurship is an innate trait, perhaps in part this is true, but just look at the new generation, raised already in the era of capitalism, to see that entrepreneurship is also apparent from the observations of the surrounding world and learning mechanisms that govern it. How to develop in young Poles entrepreneurial approach? Answers may be appropriate excitation education and awareness in this regard.



Fundamentals of entrepreneurship

An object which is entered only in the schools, and the curriculum is largely based on the science of preparing a CV, fill PIT or knowledge of legal forms of companies, or the functioning of the exchange - yes, these are the things very important in adult life and should be in the curriculum. The question is whether they teach entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial thinking should not be initiated early?

Entrepreneurship in practice


Entrepreneurship is not setting up your own business, entrepreneurship is a way of thinking about the world and the problems, and that such attitudes should be developed in children. A good way to do this might be to inspire class by itself earned on your trip. How can it be a collection of waste paper, it may be an organization events, fair catalog or any other form invented by them to raise funds for the trip.




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