Grants and loans for the young

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Support for young business


The ideas for the business we talked a lot, we hope that they will become an inspiration for our readers; it's time to take a long foundation of starting their own business - money. In this section we suggest how to raise funds to start a business.


The young entrepreneur can knock the door of District Labour Office, these institutions possess the resources for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. Maximum they can award six times the average salary, in practice, you can count on financing investment in the amount of 12 000 - 15 000 PLN.


Another option are the EU funds, in this case, you can raise funds from the Human Capital Programme, under Priority 6: The Labour market opens for all. In this case, simply submit a brief description of the conclusion of their business idea. Those selected participate in a short training, and the next may apply for funding to start their own business. Investment grant in this case is 40 000 PLN, there is also the opportunity to raise funds for the activities is 6 000 PLN paid for the initial 6 months of business.



Another way to start a business loan under the First Business runs by “Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego”. Eligible for this loan are persons 25 years of age, or university graduates 27 years of age, provided that the graduation there are more than 12 months. This type of loan can be granted a maximum of 40 000 PLN, with an interest rate of 3.2%.

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