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Best Polish start-ups

In our country there are many awards for young creative start their own business. There is nothing surprising in this, because every year there are many notable companies, which bode well for the future, here are some very interesting Polish business projects: - its founder is fourteen years old- Krystian Gontarek, the name of the company is the de facto name of a mobile application that allows game recommendations based on opinion of players gets a hint of what kind of games can be engaged to him.

Local Heroes - the company that produces T-shirts with interesting prints that wear Justin Biber, Rihanna and Rita Ora. One of its founders is twenty-four old Areta Szpura. Its business in full swing still in high school, when before graduation had the idea to password her blog - Doing Real Stuff Sucks put on T-shirts. As a result, he gained hundreds of orders from all over the world, and today collections of its brands enjoy unflagging popularity, and orders flow down from all over the world.


Dageki – it is online shop with the varieties of Japanese, primarily aimed at fans of manga and anime. Founded by Paul Lipinski, at a time when he was a student. Dageki although addressed to a relatively niche audience is doing very well, because it is based primarily on the loyalty of its customers.


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