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Billionaire before 30 ages


President of the company, which is he 20 years old? This view of the world is no longer anything shocking. On the contrary, more and more young people and even children are successful thanks to their ingenuity and resourcefulness. The most famous case of the entrepreneur, who was the youngest billionaire in the world, is Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook owner. At age 24, his account has already had more than a billion dollars.


The idea, which arises from our own problems


Saying, "necessity is the mother of invention" is ideal also in the exploration business idea. Many lucrative ventures arise with ideas to deal with our own problems. An example would be, among others, is president of Elementeo thirteen years old man, which in 2007 created a sensation at the conference TiEkon presenting a card game used to study chemistry. In 2012, the company has also published a mobile application, which moved the game into a new reality.


From the grandmother's kitchen to supermarkets all over the world


At age 14, Fraser Doherty started the production of jams, according to the recipe his grandmother; made of 100% fruit quickly captured the Scottish market. Sales jars of jam started 2004. And in 2008 his company was worth $ 2,000,000. The company's products are now available on almost all continents, and the company went to the National Museum, as the most recognizable brand of Scottish.


Polish women are able to


On the domestic backyard, we can also find examples of an entrepreneurial young people. It is worth recalling sisters who at the age of 9 and 13 years had the idea applications for the pet owners were on hand they can find the most relevant information, or make an appointment to walk together.

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