The idea for the student business

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The student business

Nowadays, many businessmen arises with the students' ideas, which initially seen as a way to additionally work, eventually turning into a large and successful businesses. Analyzing the examples of businesses that get into on the students we have divided into several groups:

Casual work, which ceases to be temporary


That's a large part of prosperous businesses start with a desire to earn wealth themselves while studying in this category shall be calculated: copywriting, providing tutoring, call center, classes animation for children - many of the activities over time transformed into a company, which are full-time the activities of their founders.


The idea is born from the needs

Part of student businesses arises of observation and the lack of services or products, the lack of which suffer later entrepreneurs. Examples of such businesses are the points Photocopying, faculty cafeteria or points of coffee. They are in this group, including those less glorious, like pens to tie or applications to download.

Prick talent and passion into a business


Benjamin Franklin once said: "I have never worked, because everything I did was good fun." This statement perfectly captures the situation of the third group, which begins its businesses in college, people who use their talent or based business on his passion, example is the production of hand-made jewelry, shop individually designed t-shirts, or the organization of events for fans of science fiction.


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